What was your inspiration for doing this?
Chris Johansen: Our world was rocked when my wife of 18 years was struck with cancer. The way she tackled this challenge head-on is an inspiration to me on how to deal with adversity. She wants to share a way that others facing similar adversities can get valuable time away from the daily worries, pain, and possible treatment side effects. It’s a way to put all that aside, even for just a while. - “a day without cancer”.

Why did you come up with a cancer aid organization
based on complimentary cruises?

Rather than raising money for cancer research, we can provide a break to people that need it the most. We want people to have a positive attitude, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. The time aboard is 2 hours, all the while keeping these three words in mind…. Hope. Healing. You.


"There's something about the serenity and calmness of the water that breaths life. "

What is it about a cruise that benefits your recipients?
We all know that being on the water is healthy in general. It's a time to escape the daily stresses associated with cancer treatments and enjoy a unique cruising experience with family and friends. We also know laughter is good too, and there will be plenty of that on-board. We’re very confident our guests will laugh more in 2 hours than they have in the past five months.

Do I have to be undergoing treatment to quality?

Absolutely not, many of our guests have been blessed with remission for many years and are always welcome too.

How do you decide who gets a free cruise?
People or families who would like to be considered for a cruise are referred by a family member or even themselves. You can do that right here.

Is it safe?
Absolutely! We meet or exceed all USCG regulations when it comes to passenger safety. All our volunteer skippers are trained by USCG licensed captains in boat handling, passenger safety, first aid and CPR. Duffy electric boats are 22’ long, are extremely stable and plot a very steady course - they also have the ability to be enclosed from any adverse weather and even have electric heaters. We watch and monitor all weather conditions very carefully and if need be can always reschedule cruises due to bad weather. As far as boats go Floating Grace  IS NOT considered handicapped accessible although we try to make every effort to get anyone with special needs on board.

You said it is 100% electric-how does that work?
Duffy electric boats are the best in the world and are engineered to be able to cruise for up to 12 hours on a single charge using a 48-volt system. There is a large bank of batteries(8) and a simple electric motor with a specially designed prop. Traditional gas or diesel engine horsepower is much different from electric motor horsepower requirements. She is super quiet as there is no loud engine or transmission. No gas, no oil, no water pumps, zero pollution. Our cruising speed is about 4-5 miles per hour - nice and smooth!
Is there food and beverages available?
We encourage you to bring whatever you would like on-board a picnic basket, snacks, sandwiches, and beverages are all welcome. We do have free bottled water available.

​Is there a restroom on-board?
We do have a restroom onboard however we suggest you use the dockside facilities before cruising. 

​Who owns and manages the boat(s)
We have a group of very dedicated volunteers that manage the day-to-day operations under the direction of the Director. The non-profit “Floating Grace” owns and operates the boat.

What about maintenance costs?
There is very little maintenance to electric boats, no transmissions, no pumps, no engine coolers, no oil or gas. Just pennies a day for charging the batteries. That leaves the simple low-cost of cleaning and equipment adjustments.